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June 15th, 2021

Indigrow launches Indigrow Digital to enhance Indigenous innovation and participation in tech sector.

 Indigrow Business Management Inc. (Indigrow) is today announcing the launch of Indigrow Digital Inc., a company to enhance innovation and participation in the emerging tech sector.

Indigrow Digital will provide digital advisory expertise and execution to Indigenous entrepreneurs, with a specific focus on solutions that solve problems for rural, Indigenous communities. Secondly, Indigrow Digital will provide digital strategy, design and delivery to enterprise-level Indigenous businesses, Governments, and organizations to digitize their operations and improve efficiency. 

Generally speaking, Indigenous businesses and organizations are less developed than their non-Indigenous counterparts in their digital and technology capabilities,” says Richard Lewis, Founder and President of Indigrow. “This hinders not only their ability to leverage technology to improve efficiency and operations, but also their ability to participate in the emerging tech sector with new technology-based businesses. As an Indigenous tech company, Indigrow Digital will also be positioned to provide enterprise-level solutions to Governments and large organizations.

Indigrow Digital is also announcing the signing of a Strategic Partnership with Dockridge Digital.

A leading provider of digital solutions and complex project delivery in Atlantic Canada. The partnership complements Indigrow Digital’s in-house expertise, enhancing the capability to execute complex digital projects across all levels of enterprise.

”We believe in a world of technology, innovation starts with people. That’s why building strong client relationships and partnerships with community-focused leaders is just as important to us as building innovative technology solutions,” says David Chesney, Senior Partner at Dockridge. “We look forward to working closely with Indigrow Digital in what we believe is a fantastic opportunity to create a digital ecosystem that will allow indigenous entrepreneurs and communities to prosper.”

”It was important to Indigrow that we found a partner with industry-leading expertise, and it was critical that the partner’s values were aligned with our values. For us that means that ultimately Indigenous businesses and communities are the ones who benefit most” says Lewis. “Having a partner like Dockridge who, from our first meeting, really expressed a desire to give back and ensure the Indigenous community benefits, that’s what makes this a home run for Indigrow and for our clients.”

As part of the Strategic Partnership, the companies have jointly agreed on priority Indigenous hiring and procurement, they will launch a $2,500 annual scholarship program to an Indigenous student entering a technology-based program of study, and will establish an Indigenous mentorship program for Indigenous post-secondary students.

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